BYOR - Build Your Own Robot

BYOR - Build Your Own Robot



BYOR not just a robot, it is not only a kit, is not only a manual, it is not just an app...

BYOR is much more than it seems.

BYOR is a teaching strategy, a methodology established through years of experience and know-how. BYOR is not forgetting the humanistic part of our knowledge.

Thanks to BYOR, teachers can plan their lessons based on topics of general interest and will use didactic and evaluation that will make the organization of the lesson or series of lessons easier.

BYOR does not mean that the teacher must follow the manual line by line, byor is only the starting point.

In June 2015 after the first commercial success of byor we put our team to the task of adding a section dedicated to mobile robots and improved everything that we could.

BYOR it is based on the board Arduino, a chassis with engines and a number of sensors. Starting with simple exercises you get to build a real mobile robot.

BYOR it is composed of:

  • a kit
  • a manual
  • a site
  • an app for iPad