BYOR - Build Your Own Robot

BYOR - Build Your Own Robot

26/06/2015 - News

Byor runs the trick! Restyling of Build Your Own Robot Kit

Byor runs the trick! Restyling of Build Your Own Robot Kit
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Corrections and additions to the Byor manual Our team has been working tirelessly to make all the necessary changes for our manual.We have also added a mobile robot section.

The first version of the BYOR manual was in need of some adjustments and improvments. We have have done just that.  We corrected any mistakes we found in the information. Also we added an entire chapter on mobile robots! In July there will also be an update for the IPad app aswell.

Byor success caught us off gaurd. Given the numerous sales and reservations we had to take the time to make modify the manuel so that it would prove to be more usefull to our users. We feel confident that it will better serve our users.  

We introduced the part of mobile robots that will serve students and teachers alike in there research. We also made the two sections of the book more compatible with each othere without any errors.


So now we are ready to help you develop byor! 

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